Lecturing Legend – Billie Cox

Billie Cox

Whatever event role you can think of, Billie Cox seems to have been there and done that. With her effervescent personality and inexhaustible high-octane energy, she has found herself organising conferences, gala dinners, charity events, live music events and TV shoots to name a few. In diverse roles such as sponsorship, business development, training and entertainment management and now CoEM Manager of Industry Engagement, Billie has helped many a student hone their resume to suit a particular job role, successfully negotiated industry/college partnerships and source hard-to-access internships and job roles for many a CoEM graduate. Clearly, Billie truly qualifies as one of our absolutely indispensable lecturing legends. Read her Q&A here…

Q. How many years have you been in the event management industry?
A. I have been in the entertainment and event industry since 1994.

Q. What did you love most about working in event management?
A. I love the diversity, the thinking on your feet, the heart racing before guests arrive, the unexpected challenges that always arrive and the satisfaction when the last guest leaves happy.

Q. Favourite event you have worked on (and why)?
A. There has been so many wonderful events, I always love events with an element of live entertainment, a white baby grand piano with an amazing singer as guests arrive, or trapeze acts swinging from chandeliers.

Q. Favourite event of all time (and why)?
A. I love concerts, any live music or festival. I love the crowd and energy.

Q. Tips to get a job in the event management industry?
A. Make yourself stand out. What would you bring to the company? Show your passion for events.

Q. Tips to be an awesome event manager?
A. Check and re-check every detail. Then get someone else to check!

Q. Have you encountered any obstacles?
A. I’ve encounter many obstacles, guests getting food poisoning, key note speakers flights being cancelled, bathrooms needing to be shut down and having to source alternative bathrooms 3hrs before an event commences.

Q. What’s the worst job you have had?
A. I was dressed as a rolled up newspaper doing promotions at Rosehill Races.

Q. Career highlights?
A. I have been so fortunate with all my roles and the fantastic companies I have worked for; Carnival Cruise Lines, the Intercontinental Sydney, Merivale and of course CoEM, just to name a few. The companies and colleagues I have worked for are definitely the highlights for me.

Q. What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from working in events?
A. Expect the unexpected.

Q. How would you define success?
A. My growth and success has been nourished by the amazing Managers I have had over the past 20 years who I have learnt so much from.

Q. What do you look for when you are hiring new people into your team?
A.  I look for passion, excitement and creative thinking.

Lastly, here are a few words of gratitude from successful CoEM graduates who are living the event dream…

“Hi Billie, I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance in helping me get a job. Without your help I wouldn’t have received this wonderful opportunity, so thank you again!”

“Hi Billie, I got the job at Waterview!!!! Woo hooooo. Thank you so much for all your help and for this opportunity and I promise I will do my best!!”

Billie congratulating a very happy graduate

Billie congratulating a very happy graduate!

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