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It becomes obvious when hanging around ‘event’ people that they have at least a couple of inspiring thing in common… passion and a love of what they do. We gave some of our CoEM lecturers a chance to put that passion into words. Here are their most inspiring quotes, you’ll notice that these people clearly love the industry they’re from, a love they also bring into the classroom.

All those that wonder what it’s like to do something you love, please read on…

“Every part of the industry inspires me. Watching the excitement and the anticipation of people lining up with their tickets to see their favourite band. Feeling the atmosphere in the auditorium just before the band come on stage. Seeing the joy on the faces of people as they come out of a show singing all the way to the station or the bus stop. It’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve worked at most of the major venues and with some of the world’s biggest artists and I can honestly say that I love every minute of it. It’s the best job in the world.”
– Jon Corbishley, CoEM lecturer and Director, The Safety Officer

“I love seeing people take off their mask and experiencing joy, happiness and sadness in its purest form. I have a deep passion for growing things from a seedling into a magical tree that bears fruit for everyone to share.”
– Garth Lategan, CoEM lecturer and Event Producer, Smile Please Services

“I LOVE the creative aspect of events. Bringing a vision to life and hearing gasps or “wow!”s from attendees is all the thanks I need!”
– Caroline Kennon, CoEM Course Coordinator

“No one day is ever quite the same and the opportunity to work with a team and see a project to fruition is wonderful. I love working with some great teams of people and seeing the events we were working on unfold and knowing we were a part of it.”
– Liz Hennebry, CoEM Course Coordinator

“Event management is exciting: anything and everything can happen at any time. It is intense and highly pressured and when the event is on the buck stops with you. You get to start and finish multiple projects each year – every day is different. The best bit? I haven’t had to wear a tie for 25 years.”
– Patrick O’Reilly, CoEM lecturer and Director, Impact Exhibitions and Events

“I have been involved in the Festival Village at Sydney Festival for the last eight years and when you put so much energy into something, it becomes part of you. I couldn’t imagine spending my January anywhere else than in the middle of our great city throwing a month long party!”
– Damian Negus, CoEM lecturer and Event Producer, Stageline Events

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