Melbourne Graduation Celebration: December 2015

In true Melbourne style, CoEM’s Victorian graduation was held in a somewhat quirkier venue than that of Sydney’s, at the incredible Melba Spiegeltent situated in down town Collingwood. The wood and mirrored interior of the Spiegeltent was a warm and charming backdrop for an evening of entertainment with one man band Uptown Brown performing throughout and catering from the lovely people at Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. But entertainment, food and champers aside, it was the heartfelt speeches from both staff and student that was the true highlight. Such lovely words only showed the respect, appreciation and admiration from both lecturers and students towards each other.

It was a special night in a special place with a special bunch of people. Enjoy the pics!

coem_2015_98 coem_2015_78 coem_2015_144 coem_2015_142 coem_2015_140 coem_2015_134 coem_2015_122 coem_2015_118 coem_2015_105 coem_2015_101 coem_2015_93 coem_2015_87 coem_2015_84 coem_2015_81 coem_2015_76 coem_2015_73 coem_2015_71 coem_2015_69 coem_2015_66 coem_2015_58 coem_2015_50 coem_2015_47 coem_2015_38 coem_2015_35 coem_2015_33 coem_2015_32 coem_2015_26 coem_2015_22 coem_2015_1

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