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Secret Garden

Here at the College of Event Management we love a good secret, especially when it comes to the event world. There is something extra exciting about these events and it’s a trend that we hope will stick around. Whether it’s an unknown location, theme, entertainment or something else entirely, secret events certainly have an edge of exclusivity to them. In this blog post we have compiled some of our favourite events in both Sydney and Melbourne that will keep you guessing in one way or another.

Secret Garden Festival
Secret Garden Festival

Sydney’s worst kept secret: Secret Garden Festival was back again last weekend – bigger and better than ever! The annual arts and music festival is held on a charming farm in the small town of Camden, located about an hours drive from Sydney. Punters reveled in the opportunity to escape their fast paced city lifestyles and get lost among the tree grove labyrinth discovering art, music and making friends along the way. All sorts of surprises are scattered throughout the garden seamlessly blending music and atmosphere in an immersive festival experience like no other.



Diner En Blanc
Diner en Blanc

The prestigious Diner en Blanc has been a huge success worldwide with over 65 events happening across 16 countries annually. Hundreds of people dress head to toe in white and meet in a location kept secret until the last minute to enjoy a chic picnic among friends. The lucky attendees come equipped with all they need, from furniture to food (unless they’ve pre-ordered a gourmet hamper) to a site that is typically located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city (previous years have boasted The Opera House Steps and Bondi Beach). To participate, guests must apply on the official website’s waiting list. The dress code and table setting requirements are strictly white, and although attendees must be “dressed elegantly,” originality is encouraged as long as it remains stylish.



Corona Sunset Bar
Corona Sunsets Bar Experience

Last year Corona made us all thirsty for a sundrenched beer with their secret barge bar activation that was floating tranquilly in Pittwater. Inspired by a similar bar found in Mexico; the promotion was a clever extension of the brand’s campaigns that we all know and love. Lucky attendees that were able to spend an afternoon there, walked away with amazing memories “from where you’d rather be”.



Underground Cinema
Underground Cinema

Underground Cinema is a secretive film screening event held in top-secret settings in both Melbourne & Sydney. The event can occur any place; a rooftop, a forgotten ballroom, a car park. The concept behind this exciting event is that predictability is boring – so the locations are kept secret and the films’ identity is a mystery too! Each event is influenced by the style and artistic characteristics of the chosen film. The undisclosed whereabouts is revealed via text message just days before the event to the ticket holders. What you do get to know is the theme, the date and time, genre and a suggestion of costume. You will get a lot of clues too.



Secret Symphony
Secret Symphony

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Secret Symphony performance series keep followers on their toes by releasing performance details just before the event begins. Clever punters get a head start on the location and the piece that will be performed if they can work out the clues left on the groups twitter feed. This pop up series can happen anywhere in the CBD (in the past we have seen events at The State Library, Flinders Street Station and Sea life Aquarium) possibly the best thing about these events is that it’s completely free! Keep an eye on their feed to make sure you don’t miss the next instalment!


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