Tuesday Trend: Pop Ups!

Without a doubt you’ve heard the term ‘Pop Ups’ floating around before, especially within the past year or two. The trend, which focuses on a generation’s love of the temporary, the dispensable and good old instant gratification first blew up internationally but has since made it’s way into many of Sydney and Melbourne’s streets, shopping centres, airports, parks and any other public place you could think of.

Pop ups have taken the world by storm, especially in the marketing and events world. Retail stores, restaurants, experiential agencies and large and small brands are now battling it out to come up with the most creative, temporary designs that can create hype, interest and give an actual experience to their particular audience. It’s an innovative form of advertising whose success lends itself to participants talking about that particular ‘pop up’ on social media before, during and after the event to extend the life and the success of the event.

Why are pop ups so popular and whats the point of them?

Pop ups work! They can be as big or small as needed offering an affordable, short term commitment for both host and attendee alike. They’re designed to create buzz, and that’s where the creativity comes in. The more unique the pop up is, the more buzz it creates. It also gives the chance for brands to test and experiment, including new brands that are just hitting the market. A pop up is a perfect concept for online stores such as Ebay, Etsy, and Google who can now give their audience a tangible and new face to face experience to their audience like never before.

west elm 035

Online stores using pop ups as a way to build brand recognition.

Sometimes, the most simple idea can generate the most publicity. Take the Diner En Blanc for example, created 27 years ago in Paris. Thousands of people are invited to partake in a ‘pop up picnic,’ where the location is unknown and the dress code is white. This simple idea has spread internationally across major cities around the globe. It’s appeal is obvious, just look at the photos!


The 2013 Diner En Blanc in Paris, France.

From pop up bars, markets, clothing stores, galleries, theaters, cafes, and even malls, this trend doesn’t seem to be fading out any time soon, and we’re fine with that! Don’t forget to have a look at your local guides, as you could be missing out on a new and exciting pop up that’s close to you!

Why not tell us what your favourite pop is?

Some of our staff have shared theirs below:

Jada Bennett Cross (CoEM Lecturer):

The ever-changing Pop-Up that is The Rocks Pop-Up.

Tuesday Trend: Pop Ups!Miranda Copeland (Accounts Manager):

Surry Hills Cat Cafe – Catmosphere. A purrfect way to spend your day!


Caitlin Crowley (Lecturer)

A little food, a little fun, a little soul, a little sun, a little green, a little grow, The Little Veggie Patch Co.

Ilana Larke (Lecturer)

Knafeh Bakery – Bringing Jerusalem street food to the streets of Sydney.

Tuesday Trend: Pop Ups!

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