Unique Venues

Melba Speigeltent

Here at CoEM we are big fans of unconventional venues and firmly believe that when it comes to events the venue is a significant part of the attendee experience. Predictable locations play a large role in the monotony of events these days and can lead to declining attendance and take away from the overall impact of the event. What would happen if you took attendees out of their comfort zone and hosted events in unexpected and unique locations?
Here are a few of our favourite unique venues…

Turbine Shop
Turbine Shop – Cockatoo Island

I’m not sure you can get much more industrial – or unique for that matter, than Cockatoo Island’s Turbine Shop. This stunning venue has played host to a plethora of events over the years ranging from music events to weddings, corporate functions and exhibitions, just to name a few. Not only is the shop the largest shed on the iconic Cockatoo Island but it was once the largest building in the southern hemisphere! There is certainly something special about the raw industrial vibe of this beauty that creates an amazing atmosphere for any event.

Fairground Follies
Fairground Follies

Fairground Follies has to be one of Sydney’s quirkiest venues! Housed within an antique music museum located in Sydney’s Alexandria, the Follies is a popular wedding venue due to its undeniable fairy tale charm, with carousels and fairy lights scattered throughout. But the Fairground Follies is no one trick pony, it has also hosted a range of other exciting events such as warehouse party’s, film festivals and product launches. More recently welcoming the cool kids from Dr Martins for a punk rock themed pop up rave. The only boundary this venue has is your imagination!


Queen's Warehouse
Queen’s Warehouse

Melbourne’s historic Queen’s Warehouse located in the Docklands precinct offers a unique venue for special events. The renowned Fox Classic Car Collection is displayed throughout giving the warehouse an impressive point of difference from the traditional function room. This venue is a great location for any event providing a fresh and interesting atmosphere.


The Croft Institute
The Croft Institute

Hidden down a graffiti covered Chinatown laneway, finding your way to The Croft Institute is half the fun! This themed bar is styled around a school science lab with a huge collection of glassware straight out of the laboratory and décor that transports you into another world. The 2nd floor Gymnasium is equally as cool with an American style high school vibe. This venue is one to keep on your radar if you’re planning on throwing a party or want to add an interesting touch to that corporate meeting you’re planning.


Melba Speigeltent
Melba Spiegeltent

What’s cooler than hosting an event in a traditional Belgian mirror tent? Nothing. The Melba Spiegeltent is conveniently located in the heart of Collingwood. Built in 1910, it is the perfect location and setting for all sorts of events, adding a charming and authentic atmosphere to any occasion. The Melba Spiegeltent is the home of Circus Oz and has been in Australia since 2006 where it has welcomed many amazing performers, festivals, and arts and community events since, including the CoEM graduation!


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