Where do event managers find their inspiration? Industry friends tell their secrets.

Emma Walker

Emma Walker

Founder, She Went Wild – Read Emma’s bio here.

I find inspiration everywhere! I try and go to as many different types of events as I can, even if it’s not related to my industry. Whether it’s something going on at a museum, local event or something large scale you’ll find someone doing something really cool. When you go to events with your friends, make a mental note of what they’re saying is good and what their frustrations are. I always love listening in queues or at dining tables to what people are saying about their experience to give you the insight for the things you have to get right at your event. I also find a lot of inspiration in collaborating and meeting with lots of people. If you’re doing something similar then meet up so see how you can collaborate. Don’t feel like everything and everyone has to be competition, you’ll often come out of these situations with great ideas.


Mahalia Hicks

Manager: Wine, Dairy and Fine Food, Royal Agricultural Society of NSW – Read Mahalia’s bio

We have a number of large scale events that are held here at Sydney Showground that we sometimes have the opportunity to visit for inspiration. We have large shell like venues that allow us to use our imagination. Different social media streams such as Instagram and Pinterest assist with mood boards and brain storming and really help us to get creative.


Jon Corbishley

Director, The Safety Officer – Read Jon’s bio here.

Every part of the industry inspires me. Watching the excitement and the anticipation of people lining up with their tickets to see their favourite band. Feeling the atmosphere in the auditorium just before the band come on stage. Seeing the joy on the faces of people as they come out of a show singing all the way to the station or the bus stop. It’s the best feeling in the world.


Laura Salvatore

Event Services, Melbourne – Read Laura’s bio here.

I follow heaps of international brands and agencies on social media. It’s great to follow the big players – even if you’re budgets don’t match up, you can still draw inspiration from what they are doing. As always, social media seems to be the best way to keep up to date.


Julie van der Weegan

Director of Sales, Urban Purveyor Group – Read Julie’s bio here.

Inspiration can come from everywhere; from Pinterest to colleagues or the latest restaurant or venue opening. I sit on the NSW branch of Meetings and Events Australia and I find it inspiring to network with the industry and talk about what everyone is working on! I also work on keeping really strong relationships with suppliers in the industry so that I am amongst the first to hear about their inspiring innovations!

Marky Rochford

Mark Rochford

Director, Frank Wild – Read Mark’s bio here.

I find it inspiring to go to events that I would go to myself – I steer away from the standard cookie cutter style event that you see everywhere. I also try to create theatre in my events – something dramatic that you wouldn’t expect. I also follow a few blogs and websites around the world. There are so many of them, and a lot of them have something inspiring or different to show.

Belinda Collins

Belinda Collins

Director and Event Producer, The Social Crew – Read Belinda’s bio here.

For inspiration I tend to look overseas as they’re a bit ahead of us. I like to be progressive and push boundaries where possible so for inspiration look for concepts that are a little different and will stand out. It’s important for my clients to be ahead of the game, so I am often looking for a gap in the market. I also have a great crew with heaps of experience in a variety of industries so our ideas sessions are often off the charts. We are often inspired by colleagues or competitors in the market.

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