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PaperLicious at Unleash Creative

The second post of this series belongs to Melbourne graduate Brooke Clarke, lover of DIY, photography, farmers markets and of course all types of events, specifically those with a creative edge to them. Brooke is a star CoEM graduate for a number of reasons;  she’s incredibly creative and talented—yes folks, we’re talking about someone who doesn’t just throw her Diploma of Events into a normal frame and plonks it on the wall, we’re talking about someone who goes to the trouble of actually designing and painting the frame to match the graphics on the Diploma to make it all into a seamless artwork. She’s also a really gorgeous person, humble, hard working and smart enough to understand that to get anywhere in this industry, you have to go the extra mile. Let’s hear how Brooke nabbed a spot with the company of her dreams…

Brooke works wherever the event takes her…Credit Aim Aris

Brooke works wherever the event takes her…photo credit Aim Aris

Who is your internship with and what are the terms?

I am currently interning with the wonderful Magdalena Franco, Head Honcho of Unleash Creative – an events brand and accompanying blog who specialise in delivering workshops and content that inspire and ignite your inner creativity. Lasting three months, I am contracted at ten hours a week. A unique trait of my internship is that Unleash Creative (including my boss Mags) are located in Brisbane, and with me being located in Melbourne my job comes with a lot of autonomy, online scheduling and Skype chats.

Describe your work day and what duties you attend to?

I routinely check my emails first thing in the morning and throughout the day to ensure I’m responding to correspondence ASAP. My duties vary week to week depending on what stage of event planning we are at and what the business / Magdalena’s needs are. Three weeks ago I was building a ticket page on Eventbrite and bumping in Paperlicious, last week I was contacting creatives to take part in a Q&A for the site and this week just gone I was researching Melbourne venues that we could hire for an amazing event planned for 2016.

Fun to be had at Unleash Creative's Paperlicious workshop

Fun to be had at Unleash Creative’s Paperlicious workshop…photo credit Aim Aris

How did you secure your internship?

It’s a pretty tense story actually. It had been a few months since I had applied and although secretly hoped I would hear something, had quietly given up. Anyway, one afternoon I was working away at college and noticed two emails in my junk. One of which was actual junk, and the other was from Unleash Creative. I read the email which was an invitation for an interview for the week before and literally went through the seven stages of grief. Once I had calmed down, I emailed Mags asking if there was still an opportunity to have an interview, and she said yes! Later in the week we had a Skype interview and I was short listed to the final two. Mags put forward a task for us to complete and from there I was offered the position.

Is there anything you did ‘above and beyond’ that helped secure your position?

I believe my values and career goals aligned really well with Unleash Creative’s business model and I made sure to present who I am creatively from the beginning to highlight my skill set.

During the interview task, which was a mock sponsorship pitch, I put everything I had learnt from my studies, personal experiences and love of the creative industry to produce something to industry standard, and went ‘above and beyond’ by including a list of businesses Unleash Creative could potentially pursue for sponsorship of future events regardless if I was a part of it or not. I didn’t want my research to go to waste.

What’s your favourite thing about your internship?

There is no possible way to mention just one thing, as it is all of the small things combined resulting in this experience being so wholesomely fulfilling. The opportunity to work alongside Magdalena, who validates my experiences and is so forthcoming with support and a wealth of industry knowledge who has given me countless freedoms and opportunities to connect with creative businesses and individuals that I never dreamed of speaking to. The immersion into a community of inspiring people that continue to spark my own creativity, and having them thank us at the end of the event day, commenting on how much it meant to them leaving you in a euphoric state for weeks after.

Inspired Paperlicious attendees

Inspired Paperlicious attendees…photo credit Aim Aris

What tips could you give those wanting an internship during or after finishing a course?

Make sure that you are going for something that aligns with your values and career goals. Always ask questions and try to end your day by taking notes. Lastly, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the first few you apply for – from my experience it usually means there is something more appropriate and amazing just around the corner.

Thanks to Aim Aris for all the great shots of Paperlicious


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