My Internship: Michael Kollmorgen

Michael Kollmorgen

Our next internship story belongs to Melbourne graduate Michael, who from his own words ‘constantly pestered’ his internship host so much that when it came time for them to hire some help, he was top of mind. Again, it shows that persistence, a never-say-die attitude and following up contacts are invaluable steps to getting the coveted foot in the door.

Q. Who is your internship with and what are the terms i.e. how many days/hours/months?
A. My internship is with the database and event management company Venues2Events. Venues2Events began connecting venues… 2 events, becoming a way for venues and sites all around Australia to advertise their name and their services. The company is also a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), specialising in corporate events. Currently I am working there 1 day a week, working on their up coming conference Locate16. My internship will last until the end of April. If I am able to prove my worth in this time, there is a very real possibility of gaining full time employment!

Q. Describe your work day and what duties you attend to?
A. Five weeks in, and I have already done and learned so much with Kim and Nicole (Founder and Event Managers of V2E). My role within the business is basically whatever needs to be done on the day. This can range from designing and formatting certain aspects of the event’s website, to managing the accommodation for our next event and liaising with the hotels necessary in order to make the experience as positive as it can be for the delegates and companies. This time of the year is quite quiet for V2E, however I am so excited to experience the business and the (calm and collected) rush that February and March will bring leading up to Locate16.

Q. Can you tell me the story of how you secured your internship?
A. Studying at CoEM, we were introduced to many industry specialists, one of them being Adriana Brusi. Adriana put me in touch with Kim Hesse of V2E. We discussed what they do and what I was looking for over email for awhile until Kim suggested that I attend ‘The Best Event Ever’, a conference for event organisers. I came early to help her out on the day and then when she was able to offer an internship, I applied, and she picked…me!

Q. Why do you think you were picked (be honest)?
A. Because I had volunteered with Kim previously I was able to demonstrate my passion and enthusiasm for events.

Q. Is there anything you did above and beyond that helped secure your position?
A. Honestly, I think it was my constant pestering. It sounds bad… but I was constantly emailing her and seeing if there was anything I could do to help Kim directly.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about your internship at V2E?
A. They seemed to have recognised my ability and design flare, and have given me the chance to work in ways I can best demonstrate what I’m best at! This opportunity has really made my time very enjoyable so far.

Q. What tips could you give those wanting an internship during or after finishing a course?
A. Do as much as you can to show whoever you are applying to that you’re keen. It may seem like your pestering, but honestly its worth it!

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