Holly Burchell – Making waves in surfing events

Holly B at surfing HQ

As she kept being called away to work on surfing events, both in and out of Australia, Holly took a little while longer than most to complete her Diploma. “As part of my course, I started out volunteering at the Sally Fitzgibbons women’s surf event in Cronulla with the Surfing NSW crew. That experience led me to meet a member of the World Surf League. WSL then sent me all around Australia working on the big Champion Tour events. Since then I I’ve flown to the US to work on three major events there including Hawaii for 6 weeks to work on the Triple Crown events. I started as an event manager’s assistance but have since gone into the production/events coordinator roles and have been able to take on some events by myself!”

So what does Holly love so much about sporting events? “In particular, surfing is a huge interest of mine. The thrill of the surf events and culture is really extraordinary and a lot of fun. Long days though but it’s not the worst thing. Also, as part of a surf company, you feel better about yourself. As you’re working mostly outside on a beach around Australia or other places in the world and you’re getting a bit fit from running up and down assisting people. Also, alongside me are some of the best surfers in the world and I get to watch them surf the best waves in the world. It’s an incredible, unreal experience. Plus, if the surf isn’t looking so good the event window is open for a few weeks and we have a lay-day. Which is exactly what it is, no work for the day and you get to lay in!”

Holly is definitely living the sporting events dream while satisfying her passion for events, travel, people and working in a varied role and helping to promote surfing around the world one great event at at time.

Holly at graduation

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