My Internship: Jasmine Broomfield

Put Your Heart Into It Internship

Our next student story reveals what it’s like to intern for a creative, sustainably focused team the produces artistic events and workshops.

CoEM Graduate, Jasmine Broomfield has some seriously impressive design skills that she has put to good use in her internship with Put Your Heart Into It. After graduating from the Melbourne Campus in December 2015, Jasmine has been on the road to her fulfilling her passion for event styling and creating memorable and sustainable experiences for guests.

Jasmine Broomfield

Jasmine at The WILD Floristry Workshop by Put Your Heart Into it

Q. What events are you passionate about?
A. I am, and always have been passionate about bespoke, heavily personalised events that celebrate magnificent milestones in people’s lives; weddings in particular. I also find something to be truly amazing and attractive about immersive events that incorporate interesting and unique experiences from creative workshops to brand activations and underground cinema screenings and re-enactments. Basically, I enjoy facilitating moments that are beautiful, memorable and enjoyable with as minimal negative impact on the environment as possible.

Q. Tell us the details of your internship?
A. My internship is with the talented founding partner and creative director Laura Kate Issell of Put Your Heart Into It. Put Your Heart Into It is a collective of makers, teachers and stylists all working together either in workshops or other events such as hens’ parties and weddings with the principal aim of creating a sustainable way of living, eating and creating beautifully. I am currently primarily responsible for creating a clients’ wedding in November, from choosing the band, to the cake, to every last little stylistic detail. I also help to facilitate and style elements around various creative workshops and assist in putting together elaborate grazing tables and wild floristry installations. It’s a delightfully mixed bag!

Q. Describe your work day and what duties you attend to?
A. Depending on the day or event, my work day at Put Your Heart Into It can vary wildly from simply researching suppliers, styling ideas or floristry techniques to bumping in a wedding and seeing the bride walk down the aisle knowing it was worth all the effort! Sourcing flowers, props and food from local suppliers for grazing tables is also a big part of the job, and an admittedly rather fun one too.

Q. Is working in events as glam as it sounds?
A. Ah see, this all depends on what your definition of glam is! If by chance one defines glam as scouring local markets for specifically purple vegetables, putting together mood boards for weddings, creating bouquets from flowers and foliage found along the Merri Creek, or even meeting wonderful people – then yes, it is glam! But in all honesty it can be hard work at times – so if you don’t mind getting a little down and dirty in the process, it really is worth it in the end.

Q. Can you tell us how you secured your internship? Why do you think you were picked (be honest)?
A. I think I have been fortunate enough to secure my internship due to a combination of my compatible interest in creativity, styling and sustainability in relation to Put Your Heart Into It, and my connection to the college, as Laura hosted a sustainability workshop over a few days during my time at the college.

Q. How did you go above and beyond to secure your position?
A. After learning that Put Your Heart Into It were looking for a wedding intern, I wrote Laura an email re-introducing myself and arranged for a meeting with her at the studio. After our meeting we have since worked on around 15 workshops together and 2 weddings. The rest, as they say, is history!

Q. What’s your favourite thing about interning with Put Your Heart Into It?
A. My favourite aspect of interning with PYHII is picking up new skills and creative techniques. For instance, I now consider myself to be a somewhat dab hand at floristry and have gotten much faster at putting together food and floral displays for workshops. I have also met some amazing people along the way, and have had the chance to build my creative and event portfolios.

Q. Do you think there is a chance for further employment after finishing your internship?
A. I think that given the opportunity, it would be an honour to be employed doing a similar role to what I do at PYHII. I hope to take on more responsibility and to keep on in this field in the future.

Q. What tips could you give those wanting an internship during or after finishing a course?
A. Some tips I can give to those wanting an internship are: make yourself available to your employer, establish an honest connection, be communicative, be willing to learn, keep an open mind, be firm about what you want from the internship and your goals afterwards.

Q. What was it that made you decide to study event management?
A. I decided to study event management after I had the realisation that working in visual merchandising and fashion retail/styling was no longer making me feel fulfilled. I had recently planned and styled my own wedding and doing so made me feel the most fulfilled and happy I had been in years, so off I went to pursue my dreams! And here I am.

Photography – Sophie T Photography, Paul Broomfield

Put Your Heart Into It

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