Student success at Soundwave Sydney

Soundwave 2015

A lot of the lovely students that come through our college have a super keen interest in working on music events, particularly large scale outdoor festivals. And why wouldn’t you? You’re young, it’s warm, you love music of all types and can still get away with wearing cut off denim shorts and a floppy hat. And while there’s a lot more to working at a festival than waving your hands in the air, the dream prevails for some, like Jade Phillips, one of our Melbourne students.

Soundwave 2015 Justin Ma

Photo by Justin Ma

Soundwave Festival is one of the most popular metal and rock events in the festival calendar year so when it came time to log some compulsory industry engagement hours, Jade thought it best to try getting some volunteer work at a festival that she was particularly interested in, not always the easiest thing to achieve. She tried the usual channels of online registration but in true ‘well-connected’ fashion, one of our Melbourne lecturers organised a better hook up for her to work with Aces Security Group in one of the site offices before and during the event. I can’t tell you what a great and rare opportunity this is for anyone wanting to see the real workings of a gig this size.

Jade’s duties included making sure that all festival supervisors had their ‘festival packs’, hand packed by Jade herself and that all 300 security personnel were clocked in and equipped with everything they needed, such as two way radios etc.

Aces Security Soundwave

Image courtesy of

Being part of security crew had more perks than you could poke a microphone stand at; access to all areas (yes all areas), tours throughout the venue before and during the event, getting to see some of the artists perform during soundcheck and during the live performances and in some cases getting up close enough to take cheesy shots with certain band members.

But the best perk of all was—after proving that she was indeed worthy of her post within the festival crew—being asked to fly to Sydney for the next Soundwave instalment—the very next weekend! Can’t imagine she had to think too hard before answering in the affirmative. And the rest is rock n roll history. Jade now has a fantastic ‘in’ with a fantastic company who do lots of other gigs and who knows what else in the future.

Soundwave 2015

Photo by Justin Ma

Without wanting to sound too preachy, the moral of the story here is this; if an opportunity is given to you in life—whether it’s glamorous or not—do the best work you can, show oodles of common sense, be pleasant to those around you, take initiative…and those so called ‘lucky breaks’ which we don’t think are based on luck at all but taking the bull by the horns and running with it, will inevitably come your way.

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